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"WE LOVE THEM!!! Thank you so much! They are amazing and beautifully capture the day."
- Anna & Sean
"We have had so many comments about how you were the perfect wedding photographer, present when needed but unobtrusive and friendly. We couldn’t be more pleased with how things went on the day and the results we have now."
- Kate & Larry

About me

I'm Madeleine, though you can call me Maddy, everyone does. Home for me is the beautiful Peak District, UK. 

At age 17 I discovered my drive to create photographs. An A-level chemistry project on film and developing resulted in the kitchen of my parents' house being transformed into a  darkroom where I made print after print using my Dad's old gear. The following year I got my first digital camera and couldn't put it down.


One decade later I have a Masters in chemistry and a career in photography where I have worked professionally for four years. I just completed my second wedding season. I still shoot film and sometimes develop my own.


One day I hope to have a darkroom in my basement, two tiny kittens and an undefined number of tiny kids. I'm passionate about equality, sustainability & the climate. 

If you're a wild-at-heart couple full of love and adventure, planning your wedding your own unique way, I think we will get along instantly. My expertise is capturing the intimacy, emotion, & magic of your wedding day as it naturally unfolds, plus beautiful, creative couple portraits.

My books are now closed for 2020 weddings and I am taking bookings for 2021 weddings, 


Photograph by Becky Payne